Local Sussex produce available for all

Local Sussex produce available for all

The Sussex Peasant is driven to change the face of food retail in making local seasonal Sussex produce as convenient and accessible to all in society.

The Sussex Peasant mobile farm shops bring local Sussex farm produce to communities in Sussex that have lost their local greengrocers, butchers, bakers, and fish mongers. We have created a group of enterprising Sussex farmers and solely bring their produce to communities in Sussex, thus highlighting complete transparency and provenance behind the shop.

The enterprise is making the shopping experience fun, one to enjoy and look forward to as opposed to dread. We endeavour to bring the soul back to food, whilst showcasing local produce and the lives, livelihoods, and people behind the farms. After all food is a real thing, and not just a transaction to fuel hunger and thirst!

They began selling seasonal vegetables from a wheel barrow now Ed and his team have 4 mobile farm shops going around Sussex selling local organic Sussex produce from meats, dairy, fruit, vegetables, breads, cheeses, cakes and pastries.

Have a look on the Sussex Peasant website to find a mobile farm shop in your area.

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