Chan-GIN-g the Game

Chan-GIN-g the Game

At Brighton Gin, ethical and sustainable production have been our focus since day one. Whenever we can choose between one way and a better way, we're committed to choosing that better way!

One of our favourite ways to keep our carbon footprint down is by commuting to work and making local deliveries on our repurposed Post Office bikes from the wonderful charity Cycle of Good 

Last year we were able to take sustainable deliveries even further as we received an amazing e-cargo bike through Brighton and Hove City Council's accelerator scheme. This has meant we can carry heavier loads, and for longer, so we've almost entirely been able to take our van off the roads of Brighton and Hove. In just the last 4 months of 2020 our team cycled over 700 miles delivering gin to the people of Brighton and Hove, all powered by our 100% sustainable energy and a little bit of pedal power too! Our e-cargo bike is decked out in eye-catching Brighton Seafront Blue by the local Sussex Sign Company, and we think it's rather beautiful. If you see us out on our local delivery rounds (and we are hard to miss), do give us a wave!

As well as delivery, we endeavour to make your bottle of Brighton Gin as sustainable as possible in every way we can. So that our customers can avoid putting their empty Brighton Gin bottles in the recycling, we have recently set up a refill station, complete with gin vat, pump and filler. Bring your own empty bottle down to our distillery, where you can refill it yourself (with guidance from our lovely team). You'll be reducing and reusing - and saving money in the process! You can come and see where Brighton Gin is made and help us to reduce our carbon footprint even further. We hope you'll enjoy refilling your bottles as much as we enjoyed making the gin! 

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