The living coast - underwater

The living coast - underwater

Visit Brighton Under the Sea!

The UK is an island nation, yet very few people go out and explore the ocean that surrounds us. Especially down here in Brighton, there is an amazing amount of aquatic life that dwells in the sea just outside all our front doors! At Oyster Diving, we take pride in letting people explore the underwater world that so few get to experience. From cuttlefish to catsharks, dolphins to anemones, swimmer crabs to spider crabs, we love taking divers out to investigate the diverse and living coast. We train people through from discover scuba diving all the way to their instructor levels. In each of our courses, we include information about local wildlife, and what we can do, as divers and, to help protect the marine environment.

Every time we dive, whether it is walking off the shore, or back rolling off a boat, we bring bags to collect any rubbish that we find. The last thing you want to see as a diver is a bin bag drifting by, or a piece of fishing line wrapped around a fish. We bring the trash out when we find it, to dispose of it in the proper bin! To dive off Brighton, you must be at least a PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent.

With each course we do, there is an option of donating to The Shark Trust, a charity whose mission is to protect sharks through positive change, using science, education, influence and action. We want to support The Shark Trust in their vision of a future where sharks are able to survive and thrive within a happy and healthy marine ecosystem. Few people appreciate the role that sharks take in healthy oceans, or that you can see them off our very own coast!

Not only does scuba diving bring to life the ocean around us, but it also encourages teamwork (never dive alone!) as well as fitness. Any diver who has been off Widewater beach can attest to the fact that those currents can get strong! Come join us to experience what it’s like to breathe underwater, to get certified, and explore our ocean playground!


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