Alternative to bottled water

Aquapax is the original planet conscious, pure drinking water, ethically packaged in paper-based cartons. 

In 2006, the Brighton based brand set out to create a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottled water, for times when it’s not possible to fill from the tap! Aquapax water cartons are distributed through a carbon balanced supply chain, are lightweight and extremely transport efficient, boasting a lower carbon footprint compared to glass, cans and plastic. 

Timber for the carton board material is sourced from FSC Certified sustainable forests, the caps are made from sugar cane and the Aquapax cartons are wholly recyclable/refillable. The Aquapax brand is a 1% For The Planet member, donating 1% of annual sales turnover back into environmental restoration, including the ‘Aquapax Communitree Project’, committed to collecting indigenous tree seeds and establishing tree nurseries around the world. 

In the video above, we meet farmer Justina Gutierrez Muñoz, and hear her thoughts on the Aquapax Comunitree Project in Nicaragua.

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