Electric Bikes: The Fun way to get around!

Electric Bikes: The Fun way to get around!

Electric Bikes are a great and unique way to get around, but also great for the environment!

Whether you’re tackling the hills of the South Downs or cruising along the coastal paths, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re travelling in a sustainable manner. It also makes it much easier to see the harder to reach places and generally explore more of the area in a shorter amount of time.

Electric Bikes Sussex is a family-run business based at Brighton Marina. We are the only Electric Bike specialists in Brighton & Hove and offer a full range of new bikes for Sale and new, or nearly new Electric Bikes for rental, including: comfortable City Cruisers; Trekking Bikes and if required full suspension Mountain Bikes - the choice is yours. We are also passionate and knowledgeable about the local area and can suggest routes to ensure you see all the wonders of The Living Coast.

Electric bikes are not just for individuals but for businesses too and we have recently started a new initiative - Cargo Bike Rentals. Launched in conjunction with Reise & Müller, this is an ideal way for businesses to offer local deliveries in a much healthier and more environmentally friendly way than driving. Cargo bikes still offer the same great benefits as regular electric bikes, but have a large cargo capacity. A great way to revolutionise and support businesses for the better!

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