Zero waste to landfill

Zero waste to landfill

English’s are very proud to announce that we are now a Zero Waste to Landfill Restaurant!

Not only were we one of the first Brighton restaurants to recycle but now, with the fantastic support of Paper Round Brighton we’ve achieved our Zero Waste goal, which has been over a year in the planning.

Paper Round take it one step further, not only do they divert our waste from landfill, they promote something called ‘closed loop recycling’. Essentially, this is the process of turning recycling materials into a new product, ideally that can be recycled again and again. Some materials like glass and plastic bottles can be recycled almost indefinitely. Other waste products like organics can be treated to extract renewable energy and fertilizer for growing more food.

Five recyclable streams were identified; Card, Mixed Recycling, Glass, Food and General Waste. The number of bins in the kitchen were increased to allow for more source separation. Posters and staff training were provided before launch to make sure it got off to the best start possible. Using a daily kerbside bag collection, Paper Round operate a colour-coded system for each waste stream where full bags are left out overnight to be collected to their local site for sorting. Paper Round’s drivers record quantities of each stream and this data is then inputted into their in-house system, generating accurate recycling reports viewable through their online portal. Recycling performance is converted into environmental metrics on things like Carbon footprint, trees saved and recycling rate per employee.

English’s are off to a flying start with recycling rates in excess of 80%, a great result for any company but even more impressive for a restaurant (so we’ve been told!)

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